American Tune

In honor of my resolution to enjoy music again, I’ve been singing some of my favorite songs for fun.  It is SO refreshing to make music outside of work again.  And with my handy dandy MacBook (hah), I made you a recording of a favorite song of Lucas and I.  I like it because it allows me to combine my love for both Paul Simon and Johann Sebastian Bach.  In case you don’t know, it combines these two because the melody is taken from Bach’s Passion Chorale “O Haupt voll Blut und Wunden (O head full of blood and wounds)”, which he uses in the St. Matthew Passion and again in the Christmas Oratorio.  I used to think, “oh, how ironic it is that Paul Simon’s ‘American Tune’ isn’t even an American tune.”  But recently I have realized that borrowing something from a different culture and calling it “American” is oh so Yankee.  So it’s totally American now, anyway.  And then Lucas informed me that not only did Paul Simon borrow it from Bach: Bach also borrowed it from an obscure German love song that was actually in 3/4.  So it started out as this very, very secular song by someone about whom nobody cares anymore, and became this poignant chorale of devotion to Christ’s suffering and death.

[This is by NO means a professional recording; just part of my practice session.  I used my built-in laptop speakers and recorded it in my dorm room, hence the bit of distant background noise of doors slamming near the beginning.]