Meet the Couple

Kerri’s Bio

Hello! I suppose you want to know some things about me.

  • I try to seek beauty and order in each day.
  • I’m a music therapy student, soon to be a music therapy intern (God willing… application process underway).
  • I love to sing, dance, play the guitar, read novels and theology, and knit.
  • I absolutely adore children, and I’m fascinated by the way they develop into adults.  I hope to have a home blessed with the gift of children someday.  Preferably lots of them, but that’s not my decision to make. :)
  • I highly enjoy sunrises, Liturgy, Italian food, espresso, dark chocolate, red wine, good beer, clever puns, and intelligent conversation.
  • My fiancé is simply amazing: He challenges me to be my absolute best every day, makes me laugh, guilts me into reading good books, puts up with my bad days, makes music with me, and gets along really well with my little cousins. :)  Oh, and he plays piano professionally.  We’ve been together since September 2009, and we’re still going strong. :)
  • Fall is my favorite season.
  • I also have a Tumblr of Catholic things and beautiful miscellany over at Vita, Dulcedo, et Spes Nostra.  It is loosely Marian-themed.

Lucas’s Bio

Under construction! Check back later.


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