Wedding Planning Update (Finally!)

I have never been a consistent blogger.  Or a consistent anything, except maybe a consistent lover of chocolate?  And also Lucas?  Anyway, I bring you this post to say that Lucas and I are well into wedding planning now, thanks to my dear mother and “futuristic mother-in-law,” as Lucas’s mother likes to be called, and many friends who have dedicated their time, talent, and enthusiasm to bring me out of too-many-decisions paralysis.  Invitations have not gone out yet, but they will be sent out late next week.  We are keeping our wedding pretty small, with just family and close friends.  We’re really looking forward to it, while we try to focus on preparing for the rest of our lives, not just one day.  


  • A few weeks ago, we signed the lease on the apartment we will live in, very close to my nanny job and a not-too-bad commute from Lucas’s grad school.  We couldn’t be happier about the neighborhood, and we can’t wait to move in!
  • We have a reception space, and it is much fancier than I originally thought we’d be able to afford. No complaints about that!
  • My dress is fantastic, and I feel so pretty in it!  Soon, it will be altered and customized to be even more perfect. :)  Can’t betray too many details here, though, since Lucas reads this!
  • We bought a mattress, so Lucas won’t have to sleep on the floor or couch for his last month of bachelor-dom.  More furniture purchasing is in our future.
  • We’ve registered for and started both of our pre-marriage classes, and they will be completed in time for the wedding.
  • For the Mass, we have picked out our Second Reading, Ave Maria setting, Communion Hymn, and postlude, and we’re still mulling over several options for remaining readings and music.
  • I’m working on updating our wedding website, which you should be able to access after you have received your invitation (it is password protected).
  • Oh, and we’ve both had our rings for months.  I haven’t lost mine yet, either, which is kind of surprising.  I’ve even taken it to Rome, had it blessed by the Pope, and moved from campus to my parents’ house with it.

So I hope you liked reading about the most recently completed things on my bottomless to-do list.  I keep wanting to apologize for taking up too much of your time reading about my life, but then I remember that if you’re reading this, it is because you want to do that for some reason.  If you could say a quick prayer for us and our vocation, that would be super good of you to do.  See you later!


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