The World is Quiet Here

Phase One of the jet-lag prevention strategy is underway.  I’m staying up all night and during my first flight in hopes that I will be able to sleep on the second, longer flight and wake up when we land in Rome in the morning.  It’s 5am EST, so the sun should be rising soon.  I actually love this part of all-nighters, when the whole world seems to be asleep–even on a busy college campus.  There’s a gentle hush over the city, with just the sounds of the trains and the few cars of commuters going to their crack-of-dawn jobs or home from night shifts.  In a few hours, I’ll go to the early morning Mass on campus (because why not?) and stop at the store for a few last-minute items before heading out to the airport.  Even though all my bags are packed, and I’m ready to go (name that song!), this trip doesn’t seem real to me yet.  I suspect it won’t seem real until I’m on the plane, or until I step onto Rome’s cobblestone streets amid the structures both ancient and modern, and breathe the Mediterranean air.

P.S. I’m still taking prayer requests.  The list is sizable, but I have an organization strategy by which I hope to give as much attention and prayer as I can to each individual intention.


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