It is hard to live in the present when you’re engaged.

If I ever needed the ability to  focus on just one day at a time, it is now.  And yet, it is even harder than ever.  That’s because being engaged is, by definition, a state of transition.  Nobody plans to be engaged permanently.  But right now there are so many things upcoming that are really exciting, which makes me appreciate the beauty of “normal” days much less.  So I’m writing now to remind myself that the drudgery of everyday life is so important, because it is in the ordinary things that we grow, achieve, become.  By remembering always that “God is in the details,” living our everyday life well is what can make us better, even holier.  That is much easier said than done, because everyday life is so BORING and things like an upcoming conference in Rome, graduation, and wedding are so attractive!  So now as I finish this short burst of inspiration, I have to turn to face much less appealing tasks… There are papers to write, emails to send, meetings to attend, books to read.  There are other good things I would rather be doing, like playing guitar and singing and spending time with friends, but I have to sometimes sacrifice these other good things for the less palatable, more urgent ones.

Life is a constant struggle.  Good luck to you, dear reader, in yours.


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